Friday, April 15, 2011

Coast String Fiddlers Performance at GES Today

Two of our students, Henry and Devin


The entire group.

GES audience.

We were treated to the Coast String Fiddlers performance today.  Three GES students are part of the group that played a variety of tunes.  They played great and when our students were highlighted they were outstanding.  Bravo!!!!

Have a good weekend everyone.  Enjoy the sunshine.

Until Monday.

Mr. H

Lunch Time Fun

Our students had a blast at lunch time today.  Hopefully the weather will hold.

Until later.

Mr. H

Lunch Time Fun

Our students had a blast at lunch time today.  Hopefully the weather will hold.

Until later.

Mr. H

Last Day for Author in Residence/Eggs/Lacrosse

Maggie DeVries and other staff were critiquing a students writing when I stopped by this morning.

Mrs. Knecht finished reading Rechenka's Eggs today-- great follow-up to their egg activity this past week.

Mrs. Knecht's students working on a written response to the book read.

I took Mrs. Knecht's class out for some lacrosse so she could attend the Maggie DeVries workshop. A few more pics will be posted on the Flickr Photostream. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fraser Bear

GES Author in residence, Maggie DeVries, shares with Ms. Kranneburg's Division 1 class the  inspiration behind her  book titled, "Fraser Bear."  If your child is in Division 1, ask them what the inspiration was.  It is a treat having someone so passionate about writing share tools of her craft with our students. 

Beautiful Eggs

Thank you to Mrs. Tattrie for helping Ms. Knecht's students with their Ukranian Easter eggs.

Some beautiful eggs.

More fantastic eggs!

"Look at the little chick."

I stopped by to get some pictures of Ms. Knecht's class after they finished making their Ukranian Easter eggs with Mrs. Tattries assistance.  I have included additional photos on the flickr photostream. Enjoy.

Ukranian Egg & Recess Fun

Mrs. Knecht's students are proud of their Ukranian Easter eggs-- as can be seen above.  Despite the cold weather today our students were outside at recess enjoying spring activities.

Anti-Bullying Workshop

SCTA President, Jenny Garrels, presented an Anti-Bullying Workshop last night at GES.  She did a great job and provided a lot of insight and gave the parents some strategies to use with their children.

If you are interested in getting an electronic copy of the Parent handout please stop by the office and let Jackie know that you would like a copy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Superintendent on the Coast

I am at a Principals' Meeting today and our new Superintendent, Patrick Bocking, is here visiting.  He will be here the rest of the week and he will be visiting GES on Friday.

Thanks to Mr. Sullivan for covering for me in my absence.

Until tomorrow.

Mr. H

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy Place

Students showed me the salmon they are raising in Mrs. Servos-Sept's class.

Ms. Moul's students are getting ready to change a white circle into the earth.

Captain Klan's class is preparing for the coming of their pirate ship!

Poetry about "Things we Love," by Mrs. Hourigan's class.
GES is a busy place. Aside from all of the exciting learning that is going on we have an environmental assessment team looking at our site, as part of the process in the GES rebuild, on campus today.

The author in residence, Maggie DeVries, returns today to continue working with Ms. Duncan's class-- the feedback has been awesome so far.

Until later.

Mr. H

Monday, April 11, 2011

Telling Time & Bar Graphs

Mrs. Klan was working with students on telling time when I visited her class this morning.

Mrs. Servos-Sept's class was looking at a bar graph when I stopped in their class this morning.

Student Teacher

Ms. Susie Bowles is doing a practicum with Ms. Moul for the next three weeks.  Welcome to GES!

Welcome Maggie DeVries

GES Author in Residence , Maggie DeVries, will be working with Ms. Duncan's class this week.

Giving students an overview of the week.

Sharing some of the books she has written.

Another one.
It is great to have a published author with Maggie DeVries reputation sharing her gifts with our students this week.  Thank you to Bev Craig for facilitating this.