Friday, October 15, 2010

Mr. Sullivan's Class in Lower Gibsons Today

Check out Mr. Sullivan's Blog for more pictures.

Have a great weekend evryone.

Mr. H

Ms. Knecht's Class: Science Experiment

Enjoy the pictures.  More can be found on the Flickr Photostream to the right.

Beautiful Day on the Sunshine Coast

It is another beautiful day on the Sunshine Coast.

Mr. Sullivan and Mrs. Sali's classes are on a field trip down to Lower Gibsons and the Gibsons Library.  I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Enjoy the day.

Until later.

Mr. H

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Drum

Mrs. Murray had two groups of Grade 6 students doing a presentation called , "The Drum."  If your child is in this class ask them about the moral of the story.

I hope that you all take some time to chat with your children tonight.  Take advantage of the opportunities that you have to find out how things are going for them at school.  I trust that you will have a great night.

Mr. H

Reading group and apple math

Ms. Carsky was working with a reading group when I stopped by this morning.  The students read, wrote and coloured. I had a chance to listen to one of the students read to me.

In Ms. Moul's class they were doing apple math.  If your child is in this class ask them about their apple math.

Until later.

Mr. H

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I was at a Principals' Meeting Today

Thanks to Mr. Sullivan for covering for me in my absence!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blues Berries Entertain

The Blues Berries presented a History of Rock and Roll to our students, along with students from Langdale.  It was an excellent performance and our students even got a chance to do some dancing at the end of the show. It was good fun.....and educational.

Relaxing weekend

We had a chance to get up to Whistler for Thanksgiving and had a relaxing weekend.  We saw this furry creature while on a bike ride.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Weekend!