Friday, January 28, 2011

Have a Good Weekend

Basketball practice is over and the clouds are getting's time to head home for the weekend.

Thank you to the families for your participation in Literacy Week.  It was very successful and I hope it is a positive step in our students enjoying to read more.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Mr. H

Ms Moul Playing & Ms. Dixon

Ms. Moul played piano for the Primary Music Assembly today

Ms. Dixon discussing something with a student.

Book Character Day at GES

Curious George

Pippy  Longstocking

The Wicked Witch of the North and others


Our staff and students have had fun with Literacy Week.  Today is Book Character Day and the outfits are fantastic.  I have included additional photos in the Flickr Photostrteam-- enjoy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grade 4/5 Basketball Practice

The boys worked hard at practice during lunch today.  They are developing their skills nicely.

Flash Card Challenge

Ms. Taylor's students were enjoying the Math Flash Card Challenge.  They enjoyed showing me their math skills while I flashed the cards.  I was also challenged to a game- what fun!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dancing the Tarantella

There was a high level of energy as Mrs. Klan's class danced  a Tarantella!  What fun!

BC Shake Out Day

GES participated in a province-wide earthquake drill called, "BC Shakeout Day."  Steve Sleep of Coast TV was here to take some footage for an upcoming program.  I will let you know when this will be aired.

Have a good day.

Mr. H

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fabulous GES Art

Ms. Knecht's students Pastel Art.

More from Ms. Knecht's class.

Picaso art from Ms. Duncan's class.

Picaso art from Ms. Duncan's class.
Our students are so talented.  I hope these pictures give you an idea of some of the fabulous art that our students are producing.

It will be a busy day after school with basketball-- Boys' practice and our Girls' Team plays at Cedar Grove.

Have a good evening everyone.

Mr. H

Literacy Week (Reading Week) at GES

Students reading information about Reading Week in Ms. Moul's class.

Ms. Moul's students reading.

Ms. Lawson reading a fact on a student's back.

Applauding a student's reading in Ms. Lawson's class.
"Fact on Your Back, " is part of our Literacy Week.  Did you know that an ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain?

Castles & Poems

Beautiful Water colour Art: Mrs. Klan's Class

Castle Art: Mrs. Klan's Class

Reading poetry in Mrs. Servos-Sept's class.

Reading poetry: Ms. Curry is in for Mrs. Servos-Sept today.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Grade 4/5 Basketball

We had a Grade 4/5 Basketball Clinic after school today, which went really well. Mr. Karl Bush helped coach and it made for a lot of feedback for our students.  They are eager to learn and are developing very well.

The Grade4/5 Boys' Team will get a  few opportunities  to play  some games before the District Tournament , which is after  the Spring Break.  I have posted the schedule on the Basketball link on the website.  We may have a few additional games-- I will keep the students and parents posted as I get more information about this.

I trust that everyone will have a good evening.

Until tomorrow.

Mr. H

Bulletin Board Art

Division 3 Art

Division 1 Art

Div 1 Art

Bulletin Boards

If you get a chance to stop by the school please take the time to check out the excellent work displayed on the bulletin boards around GES.