Friday, October 9, 2009

Archeological Dig

Mrs. Kopek's had her students digging for artifacts in the sand pit today. They looked like real archeologists. I have included a few pictures of their dig.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend everyone.

Mr. H

More Photos

I have recently updated my blog and I have added a program called Flickr, which allows me to add more pictures easily. I will try to add more pictures of bulletin boards and other things that may interest parents and friends.

By the way, this morning I was invited to the kindergarten class to see their Teddy Bear Picnic-- what fun!

Until later.

Mr. H

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Football, basketball, tag, baseball, Four-Square and hanging out talking were some of the things our students were doing at recess. They all seemed to be having fun in the sun.

Time to get back to class.

Until later.

Mr. H

The Sky is Falling

When I visited Mrs. Fitchell's class this morning they were reviewing vocabulary words from, The Sky is Falling. If your son/daughter is in her class it would be interesting to review the vocabulary words from today to see how well they understand the words.

By the time I got to Mrs. Hoechstetter's class it was snack time, just before recess. It looks like parents are packing very nutritious snacks.

It is another glorious day out there. The students will really enjoy their outside time today.

Until later.

Mr. H

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Math Groups

Most of the Math Groups I visited today were using manipulatives.

Mrs. Kopek was using her overhead projector & coloured tokens to work on skip counting. If your son or daughter is in her class ask about skip counting backwards by 5 and 2. Ms. Kranenburg's class was colouring the patterns, on graph paper, from the patterns they made using coloured blocks. Ms. Thompson's class was doing a similar activity, but their overhead blew a circuit. There are always electric issues in an old building. Those students in Mrs. Hourigan's class were trying to determine Myan number patterns. The students were really excited about this activity. If your child is in this class ask them about today's lesson.

I was really impressed with the engagement of our students in all classes-- It is great to see!

Until later.

Mr. H

Guided Reading

Our primary teachers have started our very successful Guided Reading Program. Ms. Karen Careless is back helping out in Mrs. Hourigan's Room again. When I checked in on Mrs. Kopek's group they were comparing fiction and non-fiction books. They were eager to let me know the difference.

It's another great day on the Sunshine Coast.

Time for recess supervision.

Until Later,

Mr. H

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Soccer & Hoops

We had an action packed recess with a great game of soccer. I had a pretty good spill going for after a ball, but I survived and my coffee lid was closed so there was no coffee lost.

I had Miss Owen's class for a PE block and we work on a variety of locomotor movements and then we added hoops. We ended the class with a football type drill with the students high stepping their way through a line of hoops that were on the gym floor. It was good fun and the children worked up a sweat.

Until later.

Mr. H

Wecome Ms. Thompson

Ms. Bronwyn Thompson has joined the GES staff as a Math and Reading Support Teacher. Ms. Thompson will be working with the Primary Team doing some Guided Reading, as well as working with our Intermediate Team supporting the Language Arts Program. She will also be working with an Intermediate Math group.

Welcome to GES Ms. Thompson.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Utilizing Technology

Mrs. Klan's class was in the Computer Lab when I stopped by today. She is very impressed with the knowledge our students have regarding computers.

For your information, we have a mobile lab that compliments our regular lab nicely; our intermediate teachers like to utilize the mobile lab for project work.

It was a busy day with the K screening today. I spent time covering the K classes in the both the morning and afternoon. I really enjoy getting to know the students and covering classes gives me a better insight about the children.

It is an awesome day out there. Take advantage of the weather and spend some outdoor time with your child(ren).

Until tomorrow,

Mr. H

Kindergarten Screening & So Much More

GES has been very busy today with the Kindergarten Screening Team assessing all of our Kindergarten students today. This is really valuable for our teachers, students and parents, as the screening may find some things that may need to be addressed or investigated further. Thank you to Kirsten Deasey and her team.

I had a chance to stop by in Miss Owen's class today and I observed three students working on word recognition by playing a "Bear Word Search" game. They were having a lot of fun while learning.

I also covered Mr. Sullivan's K class so he could meet with the Screening Team. It is great to spend time with this group, as they are so full of energy.

After lunch I stopped in Mrs. Hoechstter's class and I ended up helping some students draw their hands in their individual reading books-- it looks like it will be feet tomorrow.

For your information we now have an additional teacher on staff to assist with our Reading and Math Programs; Ms. Bronwyn Thompson will start tomorrow. Ms. Thompson will have Mr. Sullivan's old room as her home base.

Until later.

Mr. H