Friday, December 11, 2009

Gingerbread Houses, Red Rover & B-Ball

The kindergarten classes were busy working with their parents and Mrs. Griffiths making gingerbread houses today.

Intermediate students were enjoying Red Rover at lunch, while some primary and intermediate students played basketball.

Students are starting to act a little more goofy than usual..... I am sure that the parents are not surprised.

I am hopeful that everyone has a great weekend. Hopefully we won't get too much snow. Our Superintendent, Deborah Palmer, has posted a letter that I have put on our website-- it pertains to our protocol when we have a significant amount of snow.

To all a good night,

Mr. H

Getting ready for Basketball

Our students are looking forward to basketball season, which will start after the Christmas Break. The Boys' Team will practice after school Tuesdays & Thursdays (3-4:15 pm), while the Girls' Team will practice after school on Wednesday (3-4 pm) and Tuesday at lunch (12:20-12:50 pm). We will have a development clinic on Mondays from 3-4 pm-- this will be for students (boys & girls) from grades 3-5)

We may have one open practice next week after school on Wednesday (3-4:15 pm).

Until later.

Mr. H

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little Toy Trains and so much more

Our Primary Christmas Concert last evening was fantastic. The students were enthusiastic and displayed a lot of creativity, joy and talent. I tried to included the entire group singing, Little Toy Trains, accompanied by Mrs. Klan on the piano, but the upload did not work. I will try to upload it to my Flickr Photostream later.

As I mentioned last night, it may be the last Christmas concert for some of our teachers at GES-- Mrs. Griffiths, Mrs. Hoechstetter and Miss Owen may all be retiring at the end of th school year, while Mrs. Servos-Sept will be heading for Australia as part of a teacher exchange.

It was a great night and the children felt very good about their performance!

We had some tired students this morning but they seemed to have picked up the pace as the day went on. I enjoyed teaching Mrs. Hoechstetter's class PE this afternoon; we did a variety of ball activities which the students really enjoyed.

We are having a small staff gathering this evening-- it will be nice to relax, as it has been busy lately.

Have a good evening.

Mr. H

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meeting Day....then our Christmas Concert

I was at a Principals' Meeting at the School Board Office all day-- thanks for taking care of the administrative duties at GES Mr. Sullivan!

We have our Primary Christmas Concert this evening at 7:00 pm. The students have worked really hard and will put on a good show. There are some really good acts and the choir sounds great. I look forward to seeing many of you there.


Mr. H

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal a Success

The Primary Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal went very well today. The students performed with a lot of confidence and we only had a few technical difficulties.

You will enjoy the show tomorrow evening. Hope to see you there.

Mr. H

Dress Rehearsal Today

Mrs. Servos-Sept's class was doing a final run through before this afternoon's dress rehearsal.

The Primary Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal is happening this afternoon starting at 1:00 pm. If parents, grandparents or friends are unable to attend the concert tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm you are welcome to join us this afternoon.

Until later,

Mr. H

Davis Bay in the am

I pass Davis Bay every morning on my way to school and have been amazed at the awesome colours that I see as the sun says hello to our Sunshine Coast.

It looks like it will be another great day.

Until later.

Mr. H

Monday, December 7, 2009

Boys' B Volleyball Champs

Our two boys' teams played each other in today's final for the SD46 Boys' B Championship. It was a spirited event, with most intermediate students attending. Thanks to Mr. Jim Gray for coming to GES to referee the game. Congratulations to Mr. Detwiller and all the boys.

Until later.

Mr. H

Sounding good!!!!

Listen and I am sure that you will be impressed too!


When I visited Mrs. Klan's class this morning they were writing stories based on what they saw looking at Christmas cards. The students were doing a wonderful job.

When I went to Ms. Kranenburg's class they were also writing. Their journal entries were very interesting, with al ot of detail.

Until later.

Mr. H