Friday, October 2, 2009

Another nice day!!!

We have been blessed with another great day of weather. The students are really enjoying the sunshine.

As the weather changes students should make sure that they wear layers and they should be prepared for the rain.

Hopefully the nice weather will continue into the weekend.

Enjoy the weekend with your family!

Mr. H

1252 pieces of litter

Mrs. Servos-Sept's class presented their findings, regarding litter on the GES Playground, at our assembly today-- 1252 pieces of litter were collected!

It is a clear sign that our students must be more socially responsible regarding their own garbage. Many interesting discussions followed in classrooms around the school.

A big "thank you" to Mrs. Servos-Sept and your class for bringing this important information to us.

Reading Groups and Volleyball

Our primary students began with their guided reading program today. I stopped by Mrs. Hoechstetter's class just as they were beginning their first book. The children were very excited about the reading activity.

I also went to the gym and saw both Divisions 1 & 2 playing volleyball. The students were having a lot of fun while staying active in their games.

We will be having our first assembly of the year after recess. I will be introducing our staff, reviewing school rules, and talking about our recycling program. Mrs. Servos-Sept will also talk about the Littering Research Study that her class has been working on; I hope this will result in our students taking on more socially responsible behaviour regarding their garbage.

Until later,


Thursday, October 1, 2009

The weather is changing

It is back to reality after yesterday's great weather. As you can see by the photos it was rather bleak outside today-- we still go outside on rainy days, as I feel that the students need the fresh air. I strongly encourage students to have an extra set of clothing, since some days they tend to get carried away.

I got into a few classes today and I also covered a PE class for Mrs. Hoechstetter so she could get some prep time. It is nice to spend time with the students as a teacher, not the disciplinarian principal.

I know that hockey season is upon us so I am sure that many of us will be watching the Canucks play Calgary tonight. Go Canucks!

Until tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beautiful Day on the Sunshine Coast

What a beautiful day on the Sunshine Coast today. It was great to get outside for recess. The students really responded to the positive change in the weather and the level of activity was really high.

Our students did a major garbage pick-up today, as part of an experiment that Mrs. Servos-Sept's class is doing. They are going to itemize the types of garbage and the location. It should give us some interesting data which we may be able to use in minimizing litter on our school grounds.

I had a chance to sing with Mrs. Hoechsetter's class earlier in the morning. Mr. Angelus was teaching them an old "Raffi" classic Skitamirink. It was good fun. I think the students were surprised that I knew the words.

I hope to get into more classes today, as our data collection is now done.

Until later.

Mr. H

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hockey Anyone?

I had a call from Tom Poulton, of the SCRD, and he mentioned that we have 5 available spots for the Hockey Heroes Program which will continue at the Gibsons Arena this Friday (4:30 start- 3:30 to get your gear etc.). This program provides an opportunity for elementary school students to learn how to play the game of hockey. Equipment and ice time is provided at no charge. The program is geared for students that normally wouldn't get the opportunity to play hockey.

If you are interested in finding out more about this program go to the website listed below.

I did hand our several application forms last week. If your child is interested please make sure the forms are completed.

If you have any other questions please drop by the office or give me a call @ 604-886-262.

Until tomorrow,

Mr. H

GES Choir

The GES Choir was being put through their paces today with Mr. Angelus. It is early in the year, but they sound great already. It seems like we have a very talented group this year. I can't wait to hear them perform.

Our RCMP School Liason Office, Cst. Colin Bissel, stopped by for a visit today. I gave him a tour of the school and introduced him to most of our classes. He will stop by periodically during recess and lunch time. He said that he may even come out for a Sprockids ride some Tuesday after school.

Until later,

Mr. H

Monday, September 28, 2009

Duke is gone

"Duke," a fixture in Miss Owen's classroom for several years, passed away this past weekend. Miss Owen wanted to make sure that students that had known Duke got a chance to say goodbye today. I have heard that Miss Owen may be getting another guinea pig soon. I will keep you posted.

Until later.

Mr. H