Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Friday

Students are settling in nicely and there seems to be a lot of positive things going on in the school.

Our Special Education teachers, Susan Murray and Susan Carsky, were busy on Friday having IEP (Individual Education Plan) Meetings throughout the day. I covered Mr. Sullivan's Grade 7 class for a Math block and learned what an outlie is-- if your son or daughter is in this class ask them for a definition, as we reviewed it while I was in their class.

We are waiting on the decision regarding our Grade 4 teacher. The decision will be made on Monday so Mrs. Stinson will continue in that class until the final decision is made. Thanks for your patience regarding this.

I am hoping to get up to the Jazz Festival in Pender Harbour over the weekend.
I trust that everyone will have a great weekend.

Until Monday.

Mr. H

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hard at Work

As I went into different classes today it was apparent that most students were hard at work and engaging in their learning. I really appreciate the work that our staff has done to provide such a positive learning environment at GES.

It has been busy after school with students getting their band instruments. I look forward to hearing this year's band; Mr. Angelus does a great job and we are thrilled to have him back this year. For your information, I will be posting the Grade 6 sectional schedule on the school calendar next week.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at the office or e-mail me at .

Have a great evening.

Until tomorrow.

Mr. H

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mrs. Duncan's Class Does Science

Mrs. Duncan's class did a science experiment the past two days which resulted in some interesting conclusions. If your child is in her class you should ask them what conclusions they were able to determine.

The photos here were taken before their eggs were dropped from the computer lab.

It was a busy day! I hope to get over to the Fall FunFest before I go home today.

Until tomorrow.

Mr. H

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Friend....and More

I got into several classrooms today. When I went by the Grade 4 class this afternoon I saw that they were decorating their door with "Good Friend...." with hand prints and students names-- I have included a picture of it here.

When I went to Miss Owen's class students were engaged in a building activity, using blocks. I heard that a city was being built by one group. The students were proud of there work, as can be seen by the photos.

As your children come home from school it is a great idea to have them share something about some of the activities that they have done during the day. It is always fun hearing about this over dinner. It something that we miss, as our children are away at university. Enjoy your kids!

I trust that you will have a good evening.

Until tomorrow.

Mr. H

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday.......Into our classes....finally

We were able to get students into their regular classes today. Students were very happy to get into their classes, as can be seen in the photos. I appreciate the work that our staff did in facilitating the class placements. Ms. Beeman worked tirelessly, as well, to ensure we had all of our class lists organized for today.

I had a chance to visit all classes today and it is something that I will try to do regularly. If any parent would like to make an appointment to meet with me, I prefer to meet after the morning announcements and after lunch (1:00pm)-- please stop by to make an appointment, or to see if I am available. You can also telephone the office 604-886-2612 and make an appointment.

I will try to be accessible, but I do like to spend time in classrooms. I also am outside supervising at recess and lunch.

It should be a great year. I look forward to working with our students, parents and staff. If you have any great ideas, or if you are interested in doing some volunteering please let us know.

Until tomorrow.

Mr. H